Sunday, April 20, 2014


Annual update?

Since no one ever checks this website I usually never update it.  Couple that with the fact I forgot my password and was too lazy to reset it in the MySQL db; you get a news post once every ~18 months.


Anyway, no news really except RIFT is going F2P and it might be worth while to pick up where we last left off of Barmonk terrorizing the land of PvP (#1?) and just general all-around fun.

Pip is continuing to make headlines.  This time with his band, Tiger Love Triangle:

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Pip makes it big

One of our very own is on his way to making it big!  Wait...  that sounds wrong. 

Pip made a commercial for the Doritos Super Bowl Commercial contest.  I'm not sure which is gayer:  holding a clear umbrella and sitting on a scooter with another dude, or this commercial.  Either way we're proud of you Pip!

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Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a slightly intoxicated New Year (day).

With the exception of myself, we are pushing into the 40s in SW:TOR.  With my 10-day vacation I hope to catch up with everyone so we can start doing some high-end heroics soon.  We have a solid 4-man team and are still looking for more good players/people to fill our ranks.

Stop on by our TeamSpeak server to see what's going on:

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Early Access is Soon at an End

Well, my vacation is over and need to get back to work tomorrow.  Was a good start in getting away from all the newbs come Tuesday.   I wont lie, it wasn't a great start.  I was distracted by Christmas shopping and randon laziness.  But overall, I think I have a good grasp of my class and am well ahead of the curve.  The only bad part is that I didn't get to enjoy the story line as much as I would have liked.  This is due mainly to a certain someone, *cough* Barmonk, and his relentless talking.  I hope he makes it big on his channel:  Twitch TV: Barmonk.  Because that guy sure knows how to fill the silence...

Anyway.  I have high hopes for SW:TOR and am looking forward to playing all the classes and enjoying the story lines.  I have 5 days of work and then am off for another week (9 days vacation!).  Then again, I'll be knee deep in work again as we're installing VoIP at two sites and upgrading the network at another 2 sites over the winter break.. such fun!

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